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Federally Recognized Old Settler ID Cards
Order Now! Submit the form below for any inquiries or to request personalized ID Cards.
Our Federally Recognized Old Settler ID Cards will be available Picnic day for those of who are interested.

We are federally Recognized and Direct Descendants of the Old Settlers who originally settled in Mecosta, Isabella, and Montcalm Counties in central Michigan.

Marvin Lett defined it best when he explained who is an Old Settler. An Old Settler is a direct descendant of the people who settled in Mecosta, Isabella, and Montcalm Counties during the 1800's. Paying dues to be a member does not make you an Old Settler. The failure to pay dues will not take away your membership. Your bloodline is your membership, and it does not expire until you die.
Please use the Request Information Form to inquire about Old Settler ID Cards. The card will be available for sale March 1, 2016, and also available at the Old Settlers Reunion. Some Old Settlers may want their cards personalized.  The printing specs have been setup. The cost of the card is $6 and includes the Federal ID Number.  If you cannot attend the reunion, we will mail for an extra cost of $2.  If so, you can make the request by contacting Diana Green on the form above.  
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